10:30 AM

Professor Aquila Invited by the Italian Cultural and Community Center and the Italian Consulate to Speak on Dante’s Relevance Today

A 700-year-old epic poem that takes the reader on a wandering journey through hell, purgatory and paradise still resonates in unison with the questions before humanity in 2021. Such was the brilliance of Dante Alighieri and his “Divine Comedy.” Italy reserves March 25 each year to celebrate his life and work.

Examining the poet and his most outstanding work of art can be a fascinating study as it has been for University of St. Thomas – Houston History Professor Dr. Dominic A. Aquila.

The Italian Consulate of Houston and the Italian Cultural and Community Center (ICCC) have invited Dr. Aquila to present the 2021 Dantedí Lecture at the ICCC’s Milford House at 7 p.m., Thursday, March 25. The talk is titled “Out of the Dark Wood: Dante’s Relevance for Our Time.”

Aquila said, “As an American son of Italy, I am deeply taken by this honor. I look forward eagerly to exploring with my audience Dante’s enduring insights into the human condition. What Florence, Europe, and the Church were going through so many centuries ago bears striking similarities to what we face today. We can relate to Dante’s Dark Wood of menace and confusion, and we can benefit from the great hope he finds for a world in disarray and crisis.”

Today considered one of the world’s greatest poets, Dante was exiled from his beloved native city of Florence. The experience of exile affirmed his confident and playful joy in the splendor of creation.

More information about the talk and how to obtain tickets is found here.