09:41 AM

Rings With Symbols Tell UST’s Rich Story

To adapt a familiar saying, “a symbol is worth a thousand words.” UST’s newest designs in its collection of class rings are rich with symbols, telling the University’s story while evoking memories and meaning for the wearer.

Of course, the iconic Chapel of St. Basil is offered. So is the UST seal with its golden cross on a bold red background, communicating the divinity and humanity of Christ the King.

Two doves—one accompanied by the sun—signify St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Basil.

 A star reminds everyone of the University’s home in the Lone Star State. The hyacinth is a nod to San Jacinto, where Texas won its independence.

The UST motto, “Crescamus in Christo,” inspires us as we advance in knowledge and wisdom, to also grow in Christlike love and service.

At its beginning in 1947, Link Lee Mansion housed the entire university, and that symbol has its home in this collection.

Finally, a red stone, UST’s striking primary color, is an option and represents love, health and wisdom.

Students eligible to purchase from this collection include undergraduates with more than 60 hours, graduate students and doctoral candidates.

Approved graduates will receive more information via email. Meanwhile, samples of the rings can be admired at the bookstore. Interested individuals may want to take an online peek at UST’s entire official collection here.

A Houston-born pop star might quip: “If you like it, then you should put a ring on it.”