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See UST Dancers Answer Soul-Seeking Questions in Creative Movement

Don’t Miss their Performance of Mapa Del Alma

What have you lost or had to let go of to become who you are? And what do you now have to give because of that experience? Those are the provocative questions asked and answered in movement by dancers as they push their creative boundaries in the original production of “Mapa Del Alma” (Map of the Soul) at the University of St. Thomas-Houston.

When & Where

The tango-influenced work occurs on two consecutive evenings: on Oct. 22 and 23, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. in UST’s Jones Theatre. This compelling performance will run 45 minutes to an hour. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased here.

Assistant Professor of Dance Jennifer Mabus offered thoughts on how an audience might prepare to enjoy these performances. “Dance communicates beyond words, and the meaning is often felt through kinesthetic empathy. For example, we see a body make a shape and understand how that might feel in our own bodies, or we can feel the emotions that might create that kind of movement. Thus, I would only suggest that audience members come with open minds and hearts, let go of worrying about what each movement means, and let the feeling of the movement affect them.”

How the Pandemic Led to This Performance

Mabus said the idea for “Mapa Del Alma” came from her renewed study of tango after the pandemic.

“Tango is a dance created through an intermingling of indigenous dances and the dances of many European immigrants to Argentina,” Mabus explained. “There is a sadness and longing in the music that comes from leaving so much behind, and that is transformed into beauty through connection with a dance partner. I was inspired by how this loss and longing became a gift to others in this beautiful dance. And we do have a tango in the concert! A beautiful tango duet created by guest choreographer Mauro Marcone.”

The Ad Deum Dance Company, a highly respected professional Christian dance troupe, along with their director Randall Flinn, is collaborating with UST in this performance.

Mabus has a hope for the audience. “I hope that this performance can help the audience to reflect on their journey in the light of hope and to see the gifts that they have developed through times of loss.”