07:20 AM

Senate Passes Bill to Fund New Wi-Fi Boosters in Crooker Center to Improve Internet Quality

Student Government logoThe Senate of the Student Government passed a bill to allocate $6,127 to purchase four new Wi-Fi boosters for Crooker Center to improve Internet quality.

Online Learning Environment Spurs Need for Wi-Fi Improvement

Rosa America Sotelo, vice president of the Student Senate, confirmed, “With the increased online demand now, we need greater Wi-Fi connectivity more than ever.”

Sotelo also explains, “Many people come on campus to attend classes and do homework, however, there are many areas that have poor internet connection, which can interfere with their academic success as they may not be able to access homework or join online classes.

“Increasing the number of Wi-Fi boosters in Crooker, a student-centric location, would enhance the Internet connection, making it easier for people to do homework and attend classes there. We will be adding four new Wi-Fi boosters in the Old Bookstore, Crooker 104 (The Office of Student Activities), Crooker 105 (Campus Ministry) and Crooker 207 (Tutorial Services),” she said.

Monies for Improvements Come from Student Activity Fees

The funds will be drawn from the Student Activity Fee. The Senate of the Student Government is responsible for the allocation, spending, and adjustment of this fee. The Senate’s purpose includes researching and funding large projects that are in the interest of the student body. In the past, these fees have been allocated to Spring Formal and a free printing initiative in Crooker Center.

David Hao, associate vice president of Student Affairs, and Al DesHotel, technical director of Information Technology at UST, walked through Crooker Center with Sotela identifying where the Wi-Fi signal could be improved. The Executive Committee of Senate shall be responsible for enforcing this legislation in conjunction with the UST IT Department.

 “I think it is a great step for the Senate to collaborate with different members and departments on campus,” Hao said. “There has been an uptick in these collaborations lately.”

Campus-wide Infrastructure Upgrades Improve More Areas

Additionally, and as part of a campus-wide infrastructure upgrade, the University will replace broken outside Wi-Fi antennas on the roof of Crooker Center Courtyard to greatly improve the Wi-Fi signal in that area.

“Now students can study and relax with friends in that space and have better connectivity,” DesHotel said. He added, “UST is substantially re-investing in its infrastructure and in the coming months will replace 400 access points across campus that are either old or broken. In addition, the Doherty Library has received Wi-Fi upgrades as it converts spaces into a Learning Commons. We anticipate that usage of the library will skyrocket once these upgrades are complete.”

Student Activity Fee Also Pays for Designated Parking Spots

Along with the four Wi-Fi boosters, the Senate plans to use some of the Student Activity Fee monies to purchase signage for two first-floor parking spaces in Moran Parking Garage. “The parking spots can be used by Celts who need parking accommodations like women who are pregnant, someone with a sprained ankle, etc.,” Sotelo said.