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Spotlight on UST’s MCTM Program in BioSpace

News interest in UST’s Master in Clinical Translation Management (MCTM) degree program is growing. The program, which teaches students how to bridge the gap to turn clinical discoveries into commercial devices and treatments for patients, was recently the subject of an article in BioSpace, an online resource for Life Science industry news and information.

The Q & A story with MCTM Program Director Kelly Hartman was another great way to get the word out about a career in clinical translation management. When BioSpace offered the interview, Harman seized the opportunity.

“There’s a lot to broadcast about the excellence of UST’s MCTM program,” Hartman said. “For instance, we earned a No. 7 ranking in clinical research management programs by College Choice, and we’ve been featured in the ‘Houston Business Journal.’”

Hartman is an alumna of the program. She added, “The BioSpace platform is not only a good fit for raising awareness and recruiting new students, but it’s also the right place for us to cultivate our reputation within the life sciences community.”

During the interview, she took maximum advantage of the opportunity to highlight MCTM’s strong focus on innovation and the personalized educational experience students can expect from the one-year online program.

“I want people to understand how the subject material ties directly to the biotechnology industry and that there are benefits to graduates with this degree. Because these grads understand how to interpret the clinical and business sides of the industry, they can play pivotal roles in bringing healthcare technology to the market.”

As she said to the BioSpace writer, “In order to promote the rapid and safe development of potentially life-saving biotechnology, you need someone that understands the process as a whole, not just an isolated component.”

Hartman is proud of the way that UST’s MCTM program distinguishes itself from others.

“Our three pillars make us stand out. First, students have flexibility due to structured online learning. Second, we offer networking and professional relationship-building through in-person residencies. Third, students gain real-life industry experience through a collaborative capstone project which exposes them to experts with the Houston Methodist Research Institute and NASA.”

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