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Startup Company Graduates UST's Energy Mentoring Program and Company Gets Acquired

GEM logoTroposphere Monitoring, Inc., a startup energy company that received and maximized mentoring services from the University of St. Thomas’ Global Energy Mentors (GEM) program, graduated and proved so successful, it is announcing its acquisition. Project Canary acquired the young company for its hydrocarbon emissions sensor technology.

It was in late 2019 that Troposphere Monitoring entered the GEM program. GEM provides mentoring services for early-stage innovative solutions for the energy industry to prepare them to pitch for angel or Series A funding, which is the initial equity provided by an outside investor. In Dec. 2019, only one year after entering GEM, the company announced that it had been acquired by an investor.

UST Professor Mayra Addison Serves as a GEM Mentor

Prof. Mayra Addison, Program Advisor for the Masters in Public Policy and Administration in the Political Sciences Department, is an expert on energy markets, electricity, economic development, innovation ecosystems and start-ups in the energy sector, and serves as a GEM mentor.

We celebrate this success story of one of our mentees graduating and getting seed funding,” Addison said. “This start-up is led by a woman scientist.”

Since its inception in 2018, GEM has screened 30 mentee applicants and accepted 21. GEM now has 45 mentors and subject matter experts.

“Pre-COVID, GEM would meet weekly on campus and invite faculty and students to the pitch presentations and mentoring process,” Addison said.

Troposphere Monitoring, Inc. Success Story

Austin-based Troposphere Monitoring, Inc., which offers propriety technology for monitoring methane leaks at producing well sites as well as other facilities, was formed by CEO Dr. Anna Scott, CTO Dr. Chris Kelley, and COO Dr. Yan Azdoud.

Project Canary is an international environmental standards company and the leading provider of environmental solutions for the global energy industry. The acquisition strengthens Project Canary’s ESG trusted data solutions for the global energy industry.

Troposphere scientists join the team in key leadership roles, further enhancing Project Canary’s technology advantage. Scott will serve as president of Project Canary, Kelly will serve as vice president of Engineering, and Azdoud assumes the role of chief scientist.

Regarding her mentoring experience, Scott said, "Our GEM mentors helped us navigate the complex energy technology world in Houston. We learned from their decades of experience how companies of all sizes have launched new technology into the energy markets and what mistakes to avoid. We're recommending that any company thinking about developing a new technology for the energy markets get in touch with GEM."