16:23 PM

Successful Alumna Jeanine Seward "Rising Up" at Duchesne

UST grads “rise up” wherever they are. Recently, leaders at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart noticed and rewarded the positive impact of Jeanine Seward ’12, M.Ed ’15. Seward came to the private school two years ago as the Lower School Counselor. In July 2021, she rose from Interim Upper school Counselor to an administrative position—Interim Lower School Head of the Academy.

“I was surprised and grateful to be given such a wonderful opportunity,” Seward said. “I had wanted to transition into an administrative role eventually, so I accepted and began learning right away.”

Seward’s approach to her job attracted attention from the right people.

The Houston native said, “I have been so blessed to have leaders who notice and appreciate my work and dedication to the school. I have always focused on doing what’s best for the students and faculty and do anything to support them. I tend to jump into any situation where help is warranted, no questions asked. I believe my counselor training also helped me get to where I am today. I maintain a calm demeanor when handling difficult situations or conversations, and I know how to listen. I’m truly grateful to be somewhere that sees all of that and believes in the gifts I have to offer.”

Her new role has Seward meeting with teachers to discuss students, talking to parents on the phone regarding their concerns, meeting with the leadership team to explore growth. At the same time, she still wears the hat of the lower school counselor.

“So I may run down to a classroom to help solve a friendship problem or two.”

With a passion for education, she loves being part of helping students to grow as whole people. She went on to say that her UST experience helped to prepare her for where she is today.

“UST provided me with an education of the mind and the spirit. I believe it shaped me to learn to integrate the two in my daily life. It’s part of why my philosophy is to be educating the whole person.”

Seward is delighted that her younger brother is currently getting a UST education and being enriched by the University’s traditions of faith and intellect.

“It has been so great to relive the UST experience through him.”