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The Program that Underscores a Passion for Medicine

Within the students at the University of St. Thomas-Houston aiming for careers in healthcare is a distinct group proudly referred to as JAMPers.

UST Biology Professor and JAMP Faculty Director Dr. Larry Nordyke said, “Individuals selected for JAMP are excellent students who are interested in science and how the body works. In addition, they are highly committed to medicine as a career.”

Since 2001, the University of St. Thomas-Houston has participated in the Joint Admissions Medical Program (JAMP) and, by doing so, has helped reverse the odds that had been stacked against certain Texas residents who dreamed of becoming doctors. The 77th Texas Legislature created JAMP to assist and encourage highly qualified, economically disadvantaged Texas residents who long for medical education.

What the Assistance Includes

Among the valuable offerings at no charge to JAMPers is an essential MCAT preparatory course, which would be prohibitively costly without the program. Other benefits include coveted summer internships at medical schools, learning opportunities in clinical settings and expert mentoring.

Most remarkably, the program guarantees its participants admission into one of Texas’ 13 participating medical schools as long as they meet all relevant criteria and scholarships to attend medical school.

Dr. Nordyke also said, “Minus financial support and/or mentors, preparation for the MCAT and medical school interviews can be daunting. But in JAMP, if you meet all criteria, any uncertainty about the next step melts away.”

JAMP-ers Launching from UST

Since UST’s journey began with the heralded state program and its first medical school graduate in 2010, 16 JAMPers have become physicians. Another 12 are in medical school.

John Tran '22, Dr. Larry Nordyke, and Martin Silguero '22Currently, Nordyke mentors, advises and guides 10 JAMPers. Two of them, John Tran and Martin Silguero, Jr., will graduate in May 2022 and already have acceptance confirmations from McGovern Medical School and Texas A&M College of Medicine.

More information on JAMP can be found here.