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The Right Professional and Personal Experience for New Director of Access and Disability Services at UST

Angie Maxey, director for the Office of Access and Disability ServicesWith plenty of professional and personal experience, Angie Maxey, MLA ’05, steps into a new position at the University of St. Thomas-Houston as Director for the Office of Access and Disability Services. She is happy to be back at her alma mater and ready to spot opportunities for enhancing accessibility for students and faculty.

“I’m thrilled, just so excited to be back at UST,” Maxey said. “I’m very passionate about working for students with disabilities and raising awareness in the community to be inclusive and welcoming of everyone.”

A Professional and Personal Fit

Maxey’s career path began in K-12 education. She taught social studies, then moved into administration and supported students with disabilities.

It was after Maxey started working with special needs students that she became a mother. One of her two children is challenged with physical and developmental disabilities, which gives her additional insight.

“I have a different lens as the mom of a kid with disabilities,” Maxey said.

The educator has worked a great deal with children who had dyslexia, spoken from that experience at national conferences and was recognized as a finalist for the Region 10 “Making a Difference Award” for her work in dyslexia. She became the HISD Section 504 coordinator. That’s the rehabilitation act that protects students with disabilities from discrimination. Now, Section 504 is her job at St. Thomas.

Components of Accessibility

“In my position here at UST, I look for opportunities to impact accessibility and inclusion in all parts of the campus experience,” Maxey explained. “Three areas of focus encompass physical accessibility, accessible technology and inclusive classroom instruction. We work with students on an individual basis to determine appropriate accommodations based on their needs.”

Better Defining and Allocation of Services

Maxey’s new position at St. Thomas is a dedicated one.

AVP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students David Hao said, “We couldn’t be happier with Angie’s qualifications, experience and passion for the job. She’s a great mission fit for UST and is a proud UST alumna. Angie’s role is part of a broader strategic alignment to amplify and expand our efforts toward supporting our students with accommodations. Formerly, the role was within the Office of Counseling and Disability Services, and having this new Office of Accessibility & Disability Services as a freestanding unit within Student Affairs is very timely and strategic.”

Now, there are two offices—the Office of Counseling and Wellness Services and the Office of Access and Disability Services. With the change, Access and Disability Services will merge with the Testing Center.