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Tori Ramirez chosen as SCAC Female Athlete of the Week

UST Women's Cross Country & Track student athlete Tori Ramirez, SCAC's Character and Community Female Student Athlete of the WeekTori Ramirez of the University of St. Thomas-Houston, a senior on the Women’s Cross Country & Track Team, has been selected as the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) Character and Community Female Student Athlete of the Week for the week beginning October 11.

The SCAC Character & Community Award honors the efforts of student athletes who excel in athletics and serve their campus and community.

When Ramirez isn't sprinting down the track or competing with fellow runners, you'll often find her deeply engaged in her academic pursuits or community involvement. Alongside her relentless pursuit of a criminology and law degree, Ramirez dedicates time to mentoring the next generation of Celts.

In her role as the Cross Country team Captain, she not only leads the team but serves as a mentor in the freshman symposium program. This program offers invaluable support to incoming St. Thomas students as they navigate the challenging transition to college life.

In addition, she actively participates in the vibrant UST-Houston community and its myriad of organizations. Her responsibilities as the treasurer of the Celts Sports Association involve managing the program's finances, facilitating events for students and student athletes, and fostering connections among her peers.

But Ramirez’s commitment doesn't stop there. She also serves as a freshman orientation leader, guiding newcomers as they acclimate to campus life, and as a resident assistant in campus housing, creating a welcoming environment for her fellow students. Moreover, she contributes to the UST Athletic Department by working at games in various capacities, from admissions to concessions and even serving as a ball girl or managing stats. Her unwavering support extends to all the campus teams.

Most recently, Ramirez played a pivotal role in the Celts Day of Service. She was instrumental in a service visit to Project C.U.R.E., where she and her fellow Celts worked to prepare medical supplies for shipment worldwide. This endeavor demonstrated Ramirez’s leadership, character and commitment to making a positive impact on her community and the world.

“Tori is St. Thomas,” Assistant Athletic Director Peter Hurtgen added. “She works for the Residence Life group, volunteers with student activities and is the treasurer of the Celts Sports Association. She is also graduating two years early, and does it all with a contagious personality.”

Amid the formidable competition within the SCAC, Ramirez staunchly maintains that character forms the bedrock of a student athlete's triumph. As the captain of her team, she serves as the linchpin, the driving force that propels her squad forward. Furthermore, Ramirez’s active engagement as a student athlete has led her to acknowledge that the University of St. Thomas has been instrumental in shaping her into the remarkable individual she has become.

The UST community is fortunate to have Ramirez as a Celt. Her involvement, coupled with the exemplary character she exhibits, earn gratitude and admiration among her peers.