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Two Billboards, One Message of Hope

The placement of billboards is, for many institutions of higher education, one of the preferred methods to engage the community. With the COVID-19 crisis, officials from the University of St. Thomas did not hesitate to unveil two billboards with a powerful message. Despite a sharp diminution in traffic, the enormous signs are seen every day by thousands of drivers. The words are encouraging yet concise: “Stay Safe and Be Healthy. “

Houston is our Community

The target audience, was not exclusively the University of St. Thomas students, alumni, and faculty members. According to Jorge Rodriguez, Director of Brand Marketing, the reassurance was generated thinking about the community in general.

Message of Hope

“The idea we wanted to convey was not just to our Celt community but all of the city of Houston. It is that we’ll get through this together,” said Rodriguez.

As an integral fabric of the fourth largest city in the nation, officials at the University of St. Thomas believed it was imperative to convey a feeling of togetherness, care and support.

“During this time of crisis,“ added Rodriguez, “we believed it was important to evoke a sense of community, health, strength, safety, and a reminder to all our Houstonians who are still commuting to say; Stay Safe and Be Healthy.”

The University of St. Thomas is the college to launch such an initiative. It is also the first time, the university places two billboards across from each other. The signs, which will be up until the end of June, are located on Highway 59 North, and Fannin in southwest Houston.