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University of St. Thomas-Houston Launches Season Two of Innovative Podcast ahead of All Saints Day

“Protagonists of Change” tells stories of everyday people working to become saints today

Protagonists of ChangeHouston, TX, October 17, 2022 — The producers at MAX Studios at the University of St. Thomas-Houston are striving to answer the universal call to holiness and want to share the stories of others trying to do the same with “Protagonists of Change,” their newest podcast.  Season Two features all new episodes with guests such as Leah Darrow, Edward Herrera and Meg Hunter-Kilmer.  Each episode, released bi-weekly, includes a special segment called “Who’s That Saint?” which briefly profiles the life of a saint in connection with the theme of the episode.  Listeners can expect to learn more about such saints as St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, Blessed Solanus Casey, Santa Maria de Jesus Sacramentado, and St. Drogo.

Hosted by Darnell Miller, Creative Director at MAX Studios, the series is made up of eight 30-40 minute episodes that tell a personal story directly from Miller about his experience on the episode theme, examine the lives of individuals outwardly striving to become saints with their own experiences of hardship and joy, and the real saints who have done the work and continue to inspire us today. Using music and sound effects to create vibrant soundscapes, the podcast creates an immersive experience that draws the listener deeply into stories of joy, mercy and hope.

“Storytelling is such an important aspect of our culture," Miller said. "It allows us to share perspective and  information and enables us to be more understanding and empathetic of those around us. The guests we are featuring in the current season represent the breadth of perspectives and experiences within our Church. Through their stories, we see Christ active in ways we may not recognize within our own lives, and I hope in listening to them, we may become more receptive to the ways we are being called to love and serve the Lord.”

The group at MAX Studios on the campus of UST is a team of self-declared “reverse missionaries” who journey to find Christ in others and share their stories. Their state-of-the-art studios on the campus of UST are animated by and dedicated to St. Maximilian Kolbe, the OG of Catholic media. They want to deliver rich content and bright conversations to the digital world that reflect the truth, beauty and goodness of living the Catholic faith.

“Protagonists of Change” does just that, demonstrating that although each guest is striving for holiness, the journey there can look totally different. Episode One features Leah Darrow, a mom, speaker and author, while Episode Two highlights a very different vocation with special guest Fr. Dat Hoang, a Vietnamese immigrant and priest in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. Hear the journey of how Matt McClure came to evangelize the gaming community, and immerse yourself in the life of Alejandra Herrera of Bendecida XV, whose ministry serves young Latina girls at a pivotal time in their lives.

“‘Protagonists of Change’ showcases how diverse the journey to heaven (hopefully) can look, and give you hope on your own journey,” Miller said.  “The series is also produced in such a way that it delivers an imaginative experience for the listener, an experimental style that is somewhat revolutionary to the Catholic podcasting world.” 

“Protagonists of Change” is available to download at Spokestreet Media, a podcast production partner with MAX Studios, USTMAXStudios.com, and all other platforms where podcasts can be streamed.  For exclusive video content, follow @ustmaxstudios on Instagram.

For more information and a complete press kit, visit https://ustmaxstudios.com/press/.

To request an interview with Darnell Miller, host of the podcast, contact Carrie Kline at carriek@revolutionizingmissions.com.


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