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Urgent Importance of Liberal Arts in Business, Professional and Scientific Work

poster graphic for Max Bonilla talk on July 8, 2021Come listen to former University of St. Thomas School of Theology Professor Max Bonilla who will discuss the value of an integrated understanding of the humanities in relation to our work and lives.

Bonilla will deliver a talk on Expanded Reason in the 21st Century: The Urgent Importance of the Humanities in Business, Professional and Scientific Work at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 8, both in-person on campus in Jones Hall, 3910 Yoakum Blvd. and by simulcast online.

Bonilla believes thatin a highly advanced scientific and technological society such as ours, businesspeople, professionals and scientists need to avoid narrow understandings of their fields, to avoid falling into materialism and relativism. Integrating the humanities, and philosophy in particular, as part of a well-rounded education can help to “broaden the horizon of reason” as Pope Benedict XVI recommends to us. Such an approach is important for our understanding of our own humanity, the quest for truth, and overall human flourishing.”

Dr. Max Bonilla Background

Bonilla is the international director of the Expanded Reason Institute at the University Francisco de Vitoria in Spain, which is a joint venture with the Vatican Foundation Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI. He coordinates the Expanded Reason Awards and is director of several projects funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation. Previously, Bonilla served as Vice President for Academic Affairs at Franciscan University in Ohio, and before that as professor at University of St. Thomas Houston. He lives in Madrid with his wife and children.

This talk is co-sponsored by UST Master in Liberal Arts and Integrated Humanities programs. Co-sponsored by the Office of Executive Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office the Divisional Dean of Liberal Studies, the UST Honors Program, the Nesti Center for Faith and Culture, and the McNair Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.


To register for the lecture and discussion in person or online go here. The Zoom link for the livestream is here.  The webinar ID is 933 9271 1835. Snacks and refreshments to follow lecture at 8 p.m.