15:37 PM

UST adds weeklong Festival of St. Thomas celebration to spring calendar

Save the date for a marvelous, weeklong Festival of St. Thomas (FOST) Jan. 28 - Feb. 2 at Houston’s only Catholic university, the University of St. Thomas. The 2024 Festival of St. Thomas Committee is working with a host of student organizations, departments and partner companies to ensure the week is extraordinary.

History of the Event

Two years ago, at the suggestion of Campus Ministry Graduate Assistant Calvin Nguyen, and because St. Thomas Aquinas is UST’s patron saint, the University began hosting an annual one-day FOST in spring 2022 with a community Mass and festival. This year, Campus Ministry and Chapel Coordinator Abi Bielstein recommended expanding the celebration to a week’s worth of activities and bringing in more campus partners. Quick to sign on were the Celts Sports Association, faculty members, Campus Ministry, Student Activities, Residence Life, the President’s Cabinet, Admissions, Registered Student Organizations, Athletics and Student Affairs.

Nguyen is leading the FOST Committee. He exudes a contagious enthusiasm for honoring the accomplishments of St. Thomas Aquinas and highlighting the values held dear at UST.

“The Festival of St. Thomas provides an exciting opportunity for the entire University community to unite. We get to have a week celebrating who we are and everything we do!” Nguyen said.

Planning for body-mind-and-spirit involvement, the committee has scheduled everything from a Kick-Off Mass to an FOST Pop-Up to Laser Tag to Cannoli Pastries with the Cabinet. (see event schedule)

Assistant Director of Student Leadership & Engagement Eveleny Plata summed it up best when she said, “The vision is for the Festival of St. Thomas, like Homecoming, to be yet another reason for the UST community to gather as we share resources and the joy of the Holy Spirit. As all come together to celebrate our Catholicity and shared values and philosophies, we will welcome Houston vendors and our alumni and again behold UST’s positive impact on the community.”