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UST Alum, Kechi Okwuchi’s Memoir “More Than My Scars” Hits Bookshelves on March 29

Kechi Okwuchi '15, Author of More Than My ScarsYears after being rescued from the ashes of a 2005 deadly airliner crash and fire that nearly took her life, the indomitable Kechi Okwuchi ’15 launches her powerful memoir, “More Than My Scars.” Kechi was a child at the time of the crash and one of only two survivors. She would go on to endure years of burn treatment procedures; find the serene, faith-filled college she sought at the University of St. Thomas-Houston; and become a singing phenomenon as an “America’s Got Talent” 2019 finalist.

The multi-talented overcomer is a daily inspiration of courage and authenticity to those who follow her on social media. So, writing a book became the “next step.”

“In my daily life, I try to live as confidently and authentically as possible in every space I find myself in. And I believe most people who encounter me see me this way,” Kechi said. “However, a lot happened behind the scenes to get where I am. I wanted to share those gritty details of my story with the world, because I want people to see that nothing of value is gained overnight. There is a hidden process behind every success and every victory, which social media often glosses over. By sharing my story in book form, I hope to be relatable to anyone who has experienced any level of trauma or anyone currently struggling. I want people to see the power of God and faith in my life.”

The Process Was “Hell”

Writing the book was no cakewalk. 

Kechi said, “Honestly, it was hell. It took me about five years because I had to face memories that I would rather leave buried and forgotten forever. These are memories from the beginning of my journey—painful, ugly and bitter experiences that I had to have to become the Kechi I am today.”

The singer-speaker-author said, “More Than My Scars” is for anyone who has experienced, or is experiencing, any form of trauma.

The Book, an MBA & a New Album

Lest you assume that Kechi is singularly focused on her book launch, uh-uh. This mile-a-minute achiever is also working on completing her MBA at UST in summer 2022. When her book arrives in stores worldwide on March 29, the courageous Kechi will embark on a book tour across America and her home country of Nigeria.

“I’m very excited and hopeful,” she smiled.

But that’s not all. The songstress has an album of original songs coming out in a few weeks. So, look for a possible music tour later in 2022.

What Drives Her

“I want to be a strong voice for those who have scars, visible or invisible, and I want my story to be an example of the fact that there is life after trauma. You can not only survive your trauma, but you can also thrive in spite of it.”

You sure can, Kechi. And God bless.

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