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UST Announces New Minor in Global Cybersecurity

Assistant Professor Eric C. Botts, Director of UST's Global Cybersecurity ProgramAlready experiencing incredible success with its B.A. and AAS programs in Global Cybersecurity, the University of St. Thomas-Houston will launch its much-anticipated minor in Global Cybersecurity in the fall of 2023. Cybersecurity challenges like ransomware, hackers, phishing, and other advanced threats impact all aspects of our lives and career fields. With the new minor, interested students will start learning about cyber ethics, privacy and data protection as it applies to where they live and work.

Director of UST’s Global Cybersecurity Program, Assistant Professor Eric C. Botts, said the new digital ecosystem option complements many majors. 

Who Should Consider the Global Cybersecurity Minor?

“The new minor in Global Cybersecurity would be an excellent choice for students majoring in International Studies/International Development/International Business, Computer Science, Business, and Criminology,” Botts said. “Also, given that almost every discipline requires access to and knowledge of computer systems operations, this minor can enhance anyone’s knowledge of the threats and vulnerabilities associated with using such systems.”

Among the robust list of courses included for the in-person and online formats are Introduction to Enterprise Cybersecurity, Computer Systems and Network Security Architecture, Network Operations and Data Security, related technical lab courses, and Cybersecurity electives such as Cyber Ethics and the State, Geopolitical Risk, Cyber Warfare, and more.

Providing Enterprise Level Security Awareness and Development

Botts explained, “The program will give students programmatic knowledge of enterprise-level computer system security awareness and development. As a result, they could stand up a cybersecurity program from system architecture to system security management and incident response. In addition, students will become well versed in governance principles within professional policy-driven and legal/regulatory frameworks.  Most importantly, students will approach this understanding with technical competencies informed by an ethical focus.”  

Moreover, students will understand, and know how to employ, emerging digital technology in a manner guided by the ethics of Catholic social teaching.

To find out more about the new minor in Global Cybersecurity, go here.