12:08 PM

UST Career Services Brings New Opportunities for Student Recruitment

By Brittani Wright

UST students at career fair prepUniversity of St. Thomas’ Career Services has taken bold steps from hosting information sessions with the CIA to increasing the number of companies recruiting on campus.

Partnering with Dress for Success and Career Gear

On Sept. 7, UST Career Services hosted its first career fair prep event to engage students before the Career Fair on Sept. 19 that includes more than 70 employers. The prep day consisted of resume building, mock interviews and the opportunity to receive business suits and portfolios at no cost from Houston’s leading nonprofit organizations for professional attire, Dress for Success and Career Gear.

“We have not done an event like this before,” Paula Marsh, director of Career Services said. “A lot of students could not take the financial hit to buy a suit, and this year the fair requires professional attire. We collaborated with these nonprofit organizations for UST students to be prepared. These organizations have been amazing to work with.”

UST Alumni Association was involved in the planning and helped to review resumes and mock interviews. Companies who participated include HP, ExxonMobil, HCA Gulf Coast, TC Energy, Energy Transfer, HISD, Houston Methodist and Halliburton.

Fall Career Fair Surpasses Past Number of Recruiters

“In the past,” Marsh said, “only two companies have come on campus for fall recruiting. One of my goals is to look at companies where students want to work. Creating opportunities for employers to come on campus and build those relationships is very important.”

The fall career fair includes more than 70 companies from industries in accounting, real estate, legal, law enforcement, management consulting, education, non-profit, and marketing.

Companies include Weaver, TopSpot Marketing, Friedkin Group, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Fort Bend County, Harris Health System, CHI St. Luke’s Hospital. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston ISD, Rand Group, TC Energy, Casa de Esperanza, Moody Gardens, among others.

UST Builds Relationships for Future Recruitment

Marsh has been meeting with companies and UST alums who are established in leading companies such as Exxon and Ernst and Young.

“Ernst and Young came on campus to host a two-hour information session, a first for UST,” Marsh said.

Ernst and Young talked about their open positions, campus recruiting, and interviewing with their organization with the more than 40 students in attendance.

Marsh has brought other companies to meet with UST students to campus, such as the CIA and FBI.

“CIA came in the spring,” Marsh said. “Their big take away was to inform students about a diversity open house. They were interested in our international studies program, mainly the languages and foreign affairs components. UST is now a target school for students in the international studies program.”

Arrangements for a virtual information session between Google and UST students is in the works.