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UST celebrates largest incoming undergraduate class in University history

2023 largest class 845x650The University of St. Thomas-Houston announces a record-breaking number of new incoming undergraduate students for fall 2023 of more than 800 students. Smashing through last year’s record-breaking numbers of 461 incoming freshmen, UST welcomes 565 new first-year students, 153 transfer students and 85 students seeking an applied associate degree.

“The entire University of St. Thomas community is excited to welcome this year’s incoming – record setting – class,” UST President Richard Ludwick said.  “This is a great testimony to our current students, faculty and staff who create such a warm, inviting and thriving experience.”

The Key: Treating Prospective Students like a Human Person and Not a Number

“Our winning formula is that the UST community — faculty and staff — are living the University’s mission and meeting our students where they are,” UST Director of Admissions Sara Johnson said. “We are providing an excellent Catholic liberal arts education that is open to students of all faiths, and we make it affordable and accessible. Our education prepares students for life.

“Our Admission recruiters take the time to build relationships with students and families. They listen to prospective students, treating them like human persons and not numbers,” she said.  “Our recruiters meet our students, many of whom are first-generation, right where they are in their college search and journey, and that student experience makes a difference in our enrollment yield.”

Johnson sums it up, “UST recruiters walk students through the process, guiding them on their next steps so it is easy to become part of the UST community. Johnson was a transfer student herself and experienced first-hand how UST helps transfer students feel comfortable and integrated into the community. After student enrollment, faculty and staff continue the vital guidance role.”

Also pushing enrollment numbers up are new in-demand degree programs, such as UST’s new degrees in engineering or cybersecurity.

Innovative Tuition Programs Make Tuition Free

UST has met this need for affordability and accessibility with two new tuition programs. 

“The first is an innovative financial aid program – St. Thomas Promise — that offers free tuition if your family makes less than 50,000,” Johnson said. “This program is open to new first-year students, transfers or those seeking an associate degree. A private Catholic college education is attainable if you are a high achieving student. Or the Rising Stars Internship Program provides a relevant work experience garnered over your college career with an internship in your field at a non-profit or corporation that sponsors you.

“As the demand for a University of St. Thomas education grows, UST’s strategic plan calls for a premier campus. St. Thomas plans to add a new residence hall in the near future and expand its library into a student- and faculty-centered learning complex that also welcomes the community with vibrant lecture and event programming.