13:09 PM

UST CyberSecurity Expert Addresses International Society for Mexico Energy Group

Eric BottsCybersecurity Expert and Director of University of St. Thomas’ new Bachelor of Science degree in Global Cybersecurity, Eric Botts, is the keynote speaker at the International Society for Mexico Energy (ISME) networking luncheon on June 16. Botts’ topic will be “Cybersecurity – No Longer Just a Threat!”

The retired Foreign Service officer built a distinguished career. It includes having served as information systems security officer working on the operations/policy side. He also worked closely with cyber and computer system administration in a management role and will talk about cybersecurity in energy.

“For my talk, I will briefly explain the important role of a recursive internet in the global eCommerce environment and then focus on how a safe and recursive internet must go beyond sector-specific technical solutions,” Botts said. “As we have learned from the Notpetya and Colonial Pipeline ransomware attacks, the advantage for a disruptive, destructive cyber-attack is with the attacker. The risks are such that the global trading system is in jeopardy and it requires a global response. We are late in beginning the process of building a framework for cyber arms control under the rule of law. Such efforts are underway within the United Nations Internet Governance Forum, but the effort needs greater participation by all stakeholders (tech firms, the academy, law enforcement, NGOs and civil society) and more integrated coordination between governments. All of us have to be part of the conversation.”

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International Society for Mexico Energy

ISME was founded in 2014 as the only US-based nonprofit association providing a permanent -neutral- educational space for industry, governments, and academia across Mexico’s energy sectors: upstream, midstream, downstream and electricity. Since mid-2020, the ISME focus is on its mission of building bridges between Mexico and the energy world, to the North American region, to help strengthen the energy supply chain between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

UST serves as ISME’s academic partner and Houston home as well as the venue where the organization will hold its monthly educational meetings.

UST’s New Global Cybersecurity program

UST’s new multi-disciplinary Global Cybersecurity degree is housed within the Department of International Studies and Modern Languages. The program will prepare students to bridge the gap between technicians and the executive level. Jobs could include interfacing with internet governance societies about data protection, privacy and ethics, designing systems and polices for small to mid-sized businesses, NGOs, intergovernmental organizations and auditing systems for bias. Too apply, go to Global CyberSecurity Program.