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UST Ed.D. Student Shoots for the Moon and … Bull’s-eye!

Awarded National Honor Research Opportunity

Mikiba MoreheadBefore Mikiba Morehead completes her Ed.D. in May ’21 at University of St. Thomas-Houston, she will fulfill a research residency for the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI). Being selected to conduct research on sexual cyber abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic—and work with Dr. Asia Eaton, Head Researcher at the CCRI and associate professor of psychology at Florida International University—is an achievement to celebrate.

Morehead said, “It’s a perfect fit because my dissertation research is based off of Dr. Eaton’s work with CCRI. My ambition motivated me to shoot for the moon and approach her about doing a residency. Now, I’m over-the-moon delighted that I’ve been invited to join their National Science Foundation grant-funded studies.”

The team seeks to determine whether sexual cyber abuse has increased with the pandemic environment.

“During COVID, everyone has had to move in the direction of more technology use, so abuse has likely grown,” Morehead said. “It’s important to advance our understanding of the prevalence as well as the consequences and risk factors. And of course, we want to develop recommendations for removing and managing risk.”

The project consists of two studies. Study One contains 2,000 participants and determines the size of the problem, risk factors and consequences of victimization. Morehead will assist with data analysis and write portions of the report.

Study Two will include 80 participants and go deeper into their perspectives and experiences as victims. For this study, Morehead will assist with design, question development, data analysis, thematic coding and the writing of multiple portions.

Morehead highly praises UST’s focus on ethical leadership and social justice. These program pillars got her attention, but the deciding factor in choosing to be part of UST’s third EDD cohort was the three-year completion window.

“As a wife and mother, I zeroed in on UST’s concrete program timing, which is ideal for parents and people who want to keep working,” Morehead said. “To finish a doctorate in three years is a feat, and it happens at UST because the professors are absolutely there for you. Their doors are always open. I thought, ‘I can do three years.’”

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