Houston, Taiwan, Belize,
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UST International Partnerships Continue to Blossom

Deepening a Current Relationship

Bolstered by the University’s vision of Greater Things, UST’s engagement with extant and new sister universities continued apace in January and February.  In January, Vice President for Finance & Business Affairs, Mr. Spencer Conroy, accompanied Associate Vice President for International Relations & Engagement, Dr. Hans Stockton, on a six-day, four-city visit and meeting with strategic partners in Taiwan.  The two were received by officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, and Fulbright Taiwan to discuss ongoing grant support and academic programs of Taiwan Studies and the Mandarin Center of UST & Wenzao University. 

L to R Dean Natalie Gallatin, Chancellor Fr. Beau Schweitzer, Mark Amelang and  Dr.HansStocktonStockton and Conroy then visited UST sister universities in Taipei (National Chengchi University), Tainan (Chia Nan University of Pharmacy), and Kaohsiung (Wenzao Ursuline University of Foreign Language).  Topics of conversation included double degree programs, internship opportunities, and student and faculty exchange. The last stop was in Hsinchu at the headquarters of Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) and hosted by a senior manager in TSMC’s next generation research and development.  The trip was generously supported by grants received by the Taiwan Studies Program and Mandarin Center both of which are directed by Dr. Yao-Yuan Yeh, Chair of the Department of International Studies & Modern Languages.

Finalizing a New Relationship

Accompanying Stockton in late January, was the chair of General Business for the Kolbe School of Innovation, Dr. Mark Amelang, to finalize an MOU for academic cooperation with JPII Junior College in Benque Viejo del Carmin, Belize. Grounded in the Catholic faith and intellectual tradition, JPII Junior College is the only liberal arts higher education institution in Belize. The MOU clears the way for the two institutions to explore a bridge program in which graduates from JPII Junior College would complete a bachelor's degree at UST virtually or in person. Additional fruitful opportunities for collaboration between the Kolbe School and JPII Junior college associates degree programs will unfold. This summer, the Pragmatic Studies Program is leading a group of students to San Pedro, Belize for a Pontifical University of Mexico.  L to R:Dr. Hans Stockton, Rector Alberto Anguiano, Fr. Dempsey Rosalespioneering study abroad and service work. The group will be led by the program director, Dr. Tera Jean Torres, and Dr. Amelang.

Creating a New Paradigm

In February, Stockton accompanied Fr. Dempsey Rosales, Director of the Semillero Center, on a two-day visit to the Pontifical University of Mexico. Hosted by the university’s rector, Fr. Alberto Anguiano, discussion revolved around the creation of an exciting and first-of-a-kind double M.A. collaboration in which students in the Semillero Center would continue to a civil or pontifical M.A. from the Pontifical University. Conversely, graduates of the Pontifical University would pursue one of the Semillero Center’s two M.A. degrees. This initiative would be Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe:  Fr. Dempsey Rosales with the General Sacristan of the Basilica, Fr. Albertothe only instance in the Americas in which a U.S.-based and a non-U.S. based university offered double M.A. degrees where Spanish is the language of instruction.  Additional discussion was dedicated to the potential for faculty and course sharing.

Faculty with interests in participating in and/or pursuing new international academic partnerships are encouraged to contact Dr. Stockton at stockth@stthom.edu or 713-525-3536.