15:45 PM

UST Launches Digital Initiative with MAX Studios

In his lifetime, St. Maximilian Kolbe founded and ran a radio station and several publications to spread the Gospel message. It is in this tradition that University of St. Thomas - Houston steps into the realm of digital content creation through MAX Studios.

Inspired by St. Maximilian’s passion and emboldened by St. John Paul II’s words in his encyclical “Redemptoris Missio,” MAX Studios’ goal is to provide fresh monthly content and conversation, all through a Catholic lens. Using a missionary perspective, MAX Studios aims to encounter the surrounding culture while highlighting the diversity of the Catholic Faith Tradition and introduce others to the person of Jesus Christ through truth, goodness and beauty.

At the helm are two UST alumni, Darnell Miller ’10 and Bridget Richardson, MAFC ’17, who exude a missionary spirit and and are driven by the desire to share the Catholic Faith.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the founding of MAX Studios,” Miller said. “My time at UST has been filled with people who have inspired and encouraged me to dig deeper into my faith and my hope is that through MAX Studios we can provide that same encouragement and inspiration to others as they begin or continue to grow their faith.”

They are joined with a team of collaborators, people from across the University community, who bring their individual experiences and expertise into this ever-expanding conversation. Those collaborators include Nicole Labadie, Director of Campus Ministry, Max Linnville, Campus Minister, alum Larry Payne ’72, and theology student, Alex Yemeck.

“I’m so excited to be a part of the MAX Studios team,” Richardson said. “This studio has a wonderful opportunity to evangelize in a way that both speaks to the culture and covers topics through a Catholic lens. I look forward to the many conversations with guests, but even more than that, I look forward to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our content and helping University of St. Thomas - Houston be a driver of reflective and meaningful conversations.”

The Flagship Shows

BOLD - “BOLD” is a series that creates a dialogue and aims to inspire, encourage and aid students to “Be Your Bold Self” by gaining insights from those excelling at UST and beyond.

For Such a Time as This - Through conversations with thought leaders from across the community, “For Such a Time as This” asks and seeks answers to the big questions in life and the current issues of today through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching and social justice.

The Rundown - Reflective conversations with experts on current events, “The Rundown” seeks to dialogue about the common good while combining faith, culture and the latest news.

Protagonists of Change - How do we imitate Jesus and immerse ourselves in the reality of life? We discuss seeking a more just and fraternal society as “Protagonists of Change” to fight apathy and to offer a Christian response to the social and political trouble emerging in our world.

As It Was - The news is not always hopeful. “As It Was” recontextualizes those current events through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching to help us find hope and charity in living out the Gospel daily.

To see more from MAX Studios, check them out at ustmaxstudios.com or follow them, @maxstudiosust, on Instagram and Facebook.