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UST Mandatory COVID Testing for Residence Hall Students and Athletes Begins This Week

Voluntary testing for faculty, staff and non-residential students

COVID testingMandatory COVID testing for Residence Assistants, Residence Hall Students and Athletes

University of St. Thomas has partnered with United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC) to provide mandatory COVID testing for its resident assistants, residence hall students and athletes before the semester starts beginning next week on Aug. 12 and 14 and continuing the following week on Aug. 19.

Testing will occur on the second floor of Moran Parking Center, where these students will drive through the site between 1 – 4 p.m. These students must register for the test through Ana Alicia Lopez, director of Residence Life.

Voluntary COVID Testing Also Available for Other UST Community Members

The University will also offer voluntary COVID testing on the same dates, times and location listed above to other members of the UST community including faculty, staff, and non-residential students. UST community members will be required to preregister for COVID testing. The UST community (student non-residents) must present a TDL or campus ID to be tested and make a testing reservation 48 hours in advance at this link.

City Council Member Letitia Plummer Assists UST with UMMC Alliance

University of St. Thomas’ alliance with UMMC to provide COVID testing was a result of Dr. Michael Sullivan’s, assistant professor. Duni Hebron, United Memorial Medical Center and Houston City Council Member (Position 4 At Large) Dr. Letitia Plummer’s joint effort.

Plummer, a dentist, is a successful business owner with a consistent record of community service.

“As college students return to school, there’s a lot of anxiety amongst parents and staff,” Plummer said.“As a mother of a college student, I want to make sure that not only is my son safe but those around him are also safe. It is for this reason, I am happy to partner with the University of St. Thomas and United Memorial Medical Center to offer free testing for returning students and staff.”

Sullivan, Hebron and Plummer were able to negotiate a turnkey operation with testing available for up to 900 people a day at no cost to the UST community.

UMMC Offers Turnkey Operation

“The COVID tests will be funded under UMMC, who provides a turnkey operation by providing staff, testing materials, PPE equipment, biohazard disposal and test results,” Sullivan, said. Sullivan will be on site with UMMC personnel during testing.

“This testing is for approximately 350 students. UST and its students will not incur any cost for the testing.” Spencer Conroy, Vice President of Finance and Business Relations, said. “As the COVID tests will be funded under the Cares Act there is a requirement that healthcare insurance must be billed to offset the cost for those individuals without insurance. However, no student will be required or requested to pay a copay and will not receive any bill for COVID testing.”

Test Results

Test results will be available for UST and students within 48-72 hours and provided via an encrypted portal link.

“Students who receive a positive result, will be contacted by Dr. Andrew Li, UST’s athletic physician, to explain results, answer questions, and assist in securing follow-up care, as indicated,” Sullivan said.