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UST Names Mardi Gras King and Queen

UST students Andrew Tran ‘20 and Marisa Giandinoto were crowned Mardi Gras King and Queen for this year’s King of All Mardi Gras Balls to be held Feb. 22. The year 2020 represents the 70th year the Mardi Gras Gala has been held, and it carries with it the time-honored tradition of crowning a king and queen. Two students who epitomize the University of St. Thomas’ mission and values are awarded these titles.

The Mardi Gras  Queens from past years are invited to  Mardi Gras Gala and will be honored as part of the program.

Mardi Gras King

Mardi Gras King Andrew TranAndrew Tran, who is part of a Legacy family at UST, will earn a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and plans on attending the University Of Texas School Of Dentistry in fall 2020. “My degree represents something greater than just graduation,” Tran said. “It reflects my perseverance in pursuing my dream to become a dentist.” Tran exemplifies his “Bold” self because he has grown by stepping out of his introverted comfort zone to realize his abilities that he didn’t know he had. He lists patience in mentoring others, finding joy in difficult times and helping others find their bold selves.

Mardi Gras Queen

Mardi Gras Queen Marisa GiandinotoMarisa Giandinoto, who is active in Campus Ministry works to exemplify the Basilian Fathers values of goodness, discipline, knowledge and community. She will earn a Bachelor’s in Theology with a minor in Education. She plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in Education. Her dream is to teach at a Catholic elementary school where she hopes to provide students with an academically rich and vibrantly Catholic education. She exemplifies her “Bold” self because she stands firm in what the Catholic Church teaches even though society tells her that what she believes in is countercultural.