10:16 AM

UST Negotiation Expert Delivers International Talk

Well known negotiation and business development expert and long-time Cameron Business School Adjunct Professor Habib Chamoun gave a talk at the ESSEC Business School in Paris on the relationship between history and negotiation along with the authors, editor and publisher of “Landmark Negotiations from Around the World.”

The academic seminar titled 56th SIRENE explored to what extent history can be a source of inspiration for modern diplomacy.

The book “Landmark Negotiations from Around the World” has 30 chapters that give an account of a famous negotiation, together with a critical analysis, which cross references the facts with modern negotiation theory concepts. The cases covered are as varied as: Roman Republic peace talks, the Philadelphia convention, the Congress of Vienna, the first UK embassy to China or more recent Iran Security Council resolutions.

The seminar first explored the theoretical question of host historical lessons can be drawn before examining a sample of concrete cases. Chamoun, whose chapter on “Trade Negotiations: Can we learn from the Phoenicians?”, was part of the applied history speakers group.

Chamoun graduated from University of Texas at Austin and the Monterrey Institute of Technology. His clients include oil and gas, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, industrial, commercial, institutional, for the sales and marketing of services and products.