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UST Nurse Camp Exposes High School Students to World of Healthcare Possibilities

UST Nurse CampUniversity of St. Thomas-Houston’s first high school nurse camp — in partnership with DiscoverU, CompassRN, and Houston Independent School District — was a resounding success with 35 minority students in attendance. The 4-day experience held in July was an expertly developed opportunity like no other, exposing students to a world of healthcare possibilities in a rapidly expanding field.

Learning About a Plethora of Healthcare Career Opportunities

Nakisha Paul, director of the Simulation Center & Educational Support Services for UST’s Peavy School of Nursing (PSON), said, “Over four days, we listened to a host of engaging speakers from all areas of nursing; inpatient and outpatient; occupational health; psychiatry; vocational programs; nurse practitioners; travel nurses; and infusion nurses to name a few. We also brought in allied health science occupations like social work and medical billing and coding to discuss healthcare career options outside of nursing.”

Arturo, a student from Worthing High School, said, “I learned there will always be a demand for nurses no matter which position you’re in, whether that’s taking care of an elderly person, children’s hospital, clinics…there will always be a demand for nurses.”

Alyssa from Milby High School observed, “You’ll never get bored being a nurse because there’s so much for you to do.”

Tours and Trainings

As part of the camp, attendees received meals, scrub uniforms, skills kits for use in the simulation lab, stethoscopes they got to keep, and CPR training and certification. They took a special tour of UST’s beautiful campus in the heart of Houston and the simulation lab in PSON. Then, for some perspective on how schools may look different, the group also toured the University of Houston College of Nursing.

Watch the Videos and Graduation

Brief, fast-paced videos capture the variety of speakers, topics, and activities on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.

On the fourth day, students and parents attended their graduation ceremony.

Do Nursing Because You Care

Among the camp’s passionate expert speakers was travel nurse Claudette Adjei-Gyamfi, who shared what has worked for her. “Don’t do nursing for the money,” she advised. “Do nursing because you actually really care, and I promise the money is going to come to you.”

Thanks to Camp Sponsors

Making all of these student resources happen for the event took funding, and thanks go to DiscoverU CEO Ashley Willett and CompassRN Executive Director Renee Omoyeni 

For undergraduate and graduate nurses who “really care,” UST’s Peavy School of Nursing offers a range of excellent programs from which to choose: BSN, ABSN, MSN, RN-to-MSN, DNP, and PMHNP. Check them out here.