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UST Partners with Radio Maria U.S.A.

Radio Maria LogoUniversity of St. Thomas and Radio Maria U.S.A. have forged a partnership to provide faculty experts for Alumnus Deacon Al Vacek’s show “The Gathering Place.” Radio Maria U.S.A. is also looking toward UST for radio presenters who would have their own radio show in English.

Student Internships Available at Radio Maria U.S.A.

Deacon Al also has several internship opportunities for students. He is currently working with the Communication Department and Career Services to offer these unpaid internships for class credit. Students will learn broadcast and production skills and even serve as voice-over talent while serving the Church. He needs people to research, create, prepare, assist and promote radio programming.

Deacon Al Vacek ’13 earned a Master’s in Pastoral Studies from UST’s School of Theology. He attended St. Thomas High School and started his college career at UST but transferred to Tulane University. He serves as the National Editorial Manager for Radio Maria U.S.A.

Radio Maria and the New Evangelization

“The aim of Radio Maria is to evangelize, spread the Good News of the Gospel, and save souls,” Vacek said. “Every day Radio Maria broadcasts 24/7 and its programs go on the air to reach the hearts of its listeners. We spread our Lady’s mission for the new evangelization. This mission is fulfilled through preaching and teaching the Catholic faith by means of radio and Internet programming.

“We are reaching out to University of St. Thomas professors to re-vitalize and re-energize our current programming and to its students who want to gain valuable radio experience,” Vacek said.

World Family, Inc., based in Italy, is the parent organization. This international Catholic radio network has 81 radio stations and 19 local language stations planted throughout the continents with a following of around 35 million listeners and nearly 20,000 volunteers. Though not directly connected with the Catholic Church, it was founded in 1983 as an instrument of the Church.

Radio Maria U.S.A. has recently opened its newest studio in Houston.

Radio Maria believes that radio is a simple and effective means for propagating the Gospel. Its programming includes liturgy, catechesis, spirituality and spiritual assistance with everyday issues, human development, news and information, music and culture. Radio Maria broadcasts in Louisiana, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Mississippi, New York, Washington, Boston, Bridgeport, Chicago and Houston. You can access the programming several ways: on the Internet at Radiomaria.US; download World Family of Radio Maria app; or dial 1-641-793-3080.

The Miracle of Volunteers and Service

The station is totally listener supported, so neither UST faculty experts nor presenters will receive payment for their time, but will perform a service to the University while they evangelize and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.