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UST Showcases Celt Entrepreneurs

University of St. Thomas celebrates Celt Alumni Entrepreneurs. The Offices of Innovation and Alumni Relations have launched a collaboration to recognize Celt entrepreneurs. In special recognition of their professional endeavors, UST featured 18 alumni-owned businesses in the Academic Mall during the Cameron School of Business Symposium on Nov. 22.

“By celebrating Celt Entrepreneurs at the Business Symposium, we set out to showcase the diverse talent among alumni business owners and to inspire future entrepreneurs to pursue their business dreams,” Carla E. Alsandor, Ph.D., Senior Director of Alumni Relations, said. Those who entered were highlighted on “Celebrating Celt Entrepreneurs” posters that were displayed for the more than 300 attendees to view. “We plan to showcase these and additional Celt entrepreneurs at our Homecoming events in January. We want enough entries to have a display all around the Academic Mall,” she said.

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This year, Business Symposium speakers included entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders. The keynote speaker was Marie Myers, MBA ’96 former chief financial officer at UiPath, who engaged participants in a discussion about the digital revolution and its transformative impact on business, the ways we live and the future of work. Myers serves on the President’s Advisory Board and on the Innovation council of the university.

Read About Three Celt Entrepreneurs

Jennifer Petree of Petree Partners LLC, a psychology major who graduated in 2000 chose to participate in Celt Entrepreneurs because she “simply wants to pay it forward and be a positive influence to students.”

“I love connecting with students and hearing about what they want to accomplish. I attribute all my success to the mentors I developed early in my career while studying at UST and beyond. If I can be a positive influence to even one young person then I know I’ve done a job well done. I simply want to pay it forward,” Petree said.

Her company, Petree Partners, helps companies define and realize their next stage of exponential growth. It does this by working with executive management teams and practice leaders on innovative approaches to client relations, business development and inside sales functions. Learn more at www.petreepartners.com.

Another highlighted Celt Entrepreneur is Lily Leal of Lily Leal Law, graduated in 2003 with a degree in political science. She runs a boutique law practice tailored for handling new and existing small business and non-profit organization legal needs/solutions, non-profit formation and governance, as well as probate, estate planning and guardianship matters for individuals and entities.

“Participating in the Celt Entrepreneurship Showcase provided me with an additional opportunity to connect with fellow alumni, current students, faculty, and staff,” Leal said. “Showcasing budding entrepreneurs in this event increases exposure and brand recognition while informing potential clients/customers of the business' services or products.”

Learn more about Leal’s services at www.lilyleallaw.com.

Dr. Ken Buckle, Texas psychologist and executive director of Gratia Plena, touts his UST education for his current success. Buckle’s company is a Catholic nonprofit organization offering mental and spiritual health counseling from mental illness, addictions and marriage/family problems. Buckle also earned an MIB in 2002.

“Undergraduate studies in psychology at UST provided me with the foundation to apply for and be accepted into graduate school, and then to be successful in graduate school studies that prepared me to be a licensed mental health professional,” Buckle said. “The emphasis on writing skills and expression were particularly important for graduate work and continue to be now in my current occupation.”

Find out more about Gratia Plena’s services at www.gratiaplenacounseling.com.