11:35 AM

UST Student Accepted into Career Altering Fellowship in Washington D.C.

By Brittani Wright

International Studies senior, Samaria Herbert, traveled with 27 students from all around the country to Washington D.C. in mid-October. Herbert was among more than 500 applicants selected by the Una Chapman Cox Foundation to join the Cox-State Department Diplomacy Fellowship.

The four-day professional exploration program is a fully funded fellowship and developed in partnership with the U.S. Department of State. The Una Chapman Cox Foundation works with undergraduate students of various educational backgrounds to understand the role of diplomats in promoting diplomacy, and to learn about the educational, internship and career opportunities in Foreign Service and Civil Service at the Department of State. 

The Cox-State Department Diplomacy Fellowship seeks diversity, and to “help young people from underrepresented groups become U.S. Foreign Service Officers.”

“I was in D.C. for four days,” Herbert said. “I got to tour the Department of State, and went to lunch with a current Foreign Service officer. It was a great experience to be able to connect, and learn about what they do and how they started their career in the Department of State.”

Other activities included a tour of the city, inclusion on a diversity panel, workshops and visits to organizations involved in international affairs.

“I met so many people,” Herbert said. “Networking can be nerve-racking as a college student because you hope that you are qualified and know what you are talking about. However, I realized during this trip that people really want to help, especially when they heard that I was coming from UST in Houston. People know about UST and are excited when they meet someone attending UST. That really opens up more doors and creates opportunities with people that I would not have, otherwise.”

Herbert wants to travel to Washington D.C. again next year to speak to students about her experience in the fellowship, and how it has helped her career.