13:05 PM

UST Student Athletes Raise Money for Snowdrop Foundation

The University of St. Thomas-Houston Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) recently raised money for the Snowdrop Foundation. This was part of the SCAC "Change for the Better" annual campaign, in which schools across the conference raise money during one week of the conference basketball season. The St. Thomas Celts finished among the top five schools in the conference.

The Snowdrop Foundation is dedicated to college bound pediatric patients and childhood cancer survivors. They also raise awareness and funding for continued research in these areas. Led by Junior Rachel Bejarano of women's soccer, the campaign for the Snowdrop Foundation proved successful. Furthermore, the funds will go toward the "Snowdrop Scholarship Program" for future collegiate pediatric cancer survivors. These donations were collected primarily during the Men's basketball game against Colorado College, where St. Thomas clinched a SCAC regular season championship. 

"It was really outstanding to see our athletic department come together, and raise money for a good cause. We loved supporting our basketball teams in addition to our foundation of choice in the process," SAAC senior chair Noah Martinez of baseball added. 

Eight of the SCAC member schools participated in this year's campaign. Texas Lutheran University raised the most money for the Triston Brashears-Cervantes Fund. The grand total for all participating schools was $3,611.58, the second highest it's ever been. In the six-year history of the "Change For the Better" campaign, league SAACs have collectively fundraised a remarkable $16,343.95.

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