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UST Ventures into continuing education with Polish Language & Culture fall 2023 Courses

Saint Jadwiga of Poland, patron saint of queens.Whether you have Polish heritage, are fascinated by Polish culture, or are planning a trip to Poland, the University of St. Thomas-Houston would like to be part of your life-long learning journey. This fall, UST offers non-credit classes on the Polish language and culture, which are open to the public.

Allow UST to be your starting point on your personal development path when you sign up for these 100% online Polish language and culture courses via a Zoom connection.

A group of professors of Polish ancestry from Chicago, Orchard Lake in Michigan, and Texas A&M College Station teaches classes. The language professor, Ms. Malgorzata Bujak, is a graduate of English Philology at John Paul II Catholic University in Lubin, Poland, specializing in English-Polish contrastive linguistics. She is an experienced and creative classroom instructor who has taught Polish as a foreign and second language for over a decade. She hails from Poland and lives in Houston.

The short course list includes the following:

  • Elementary and Intermediate Polish taught by Ms. Malgorzata Bujak
  • Poland in the 20th Century, taught by Dr. John Radzilowski
  • Polish Texas History (The History of Texas Polonia) taught by Jim Mazurkiewicz
  • Contemporary Polish Cinema taught by Dr. Agnieszka Oskiera

The Polish language courses run semi-weekly from Aug. 28 to Nov. 22 and cost $450 each. To register, sign up for classes here.

“Information on the history and culture classes will be posted soon. Each course will run three to four weeks and will be offered once or twice a week. Each course will  cost  between $60-$100,” Kiernan O’Connor, Executive Director of SPII Institute, said.  

“I think these non-credit courses will be a prototype for adult education or continuing education at UST,” Dr. John Hittinger, director of the St. JPII Studies at UST, currently offers a Master of Arts in Saint John Paul II Studies degree. “We also plan to offer courses on Saint John Paul II on the same basis soon.”  

To learn more, contact Piotr Przbylski at przybyp@stthom.edu.