13:54 PM

USTMAX Center Fills Request for Computer Basics Class

Hear ye, all who seek to overcome their aversion to computers and software. USTMAX Center in Conroe listened when the community asked for a computer literacy workshop for adults and is responding to that very need.

The 8-week Computer Basics class will meet weekly starting Oct. 14 – Dec. 9, 2021 (with Thanksgiving week off). Students can bring their laptops or use the ones provided at the Center. Either way, they will become familiar with digital communications technology and gain the confidence to enhance their lives with it.

Benjamin Jules, M.Ed ’14, Ed.D ’19, who is an experienced computer basics teacher and serves as parent liaison in the Office of Special Education Services within the Houston Independent School District, will instruct the non-credit class.

Dr. Jules said, “I have always been passionate about sharing knowledge within communities to encourage positive outcomes individually and within entire families. As a result, I’m very much looking forward to engaging students in this workshop series on basic computer literacy skills for members of the Conroe community and surrounding areas.”

A sampling of what students will learn includes:

  • Technology basics, terms, icons, symbols
  • The process for using the internet to find information or purchase that new gadget on Amazon
  • Creating a Google account
    • Learn to use your Gmail account for sending and receiving emails and attachments
    • Understanding Google drive and how to use it
  • Overview of PowerPoint, the most widely used presentation software
    • Develop a PPT presentation with classmates
    • Present to the class
  • Becoming familiar with Microsoft Office Tools such as Word and Excel
    • Create a Word document and learn how to save it
    • Learn the process for formatting resumes, letters and so forth

People use computer technology every day to communicate, plan and engage at home, work, school and within their communities. The USTMAX class will empower students to participate more fully in life using their new digital skills.

Senior Director of USTMAX Center Carla E. Alsandor, Ph.D, said, “Several visitors to our micro-campus in downtown Conroe specifically came in asking for a computer basics class, so we’re answering the call. Just like we did with our popular Creative Writing Workshop, USTMAX Center is here to identify and fill academic gaps and enhance the quality of life for residents of Montgomery County.”

To sign up for the Computer Basics for Adult Learners Class, go here.