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USTMAX Center Lunch and Learn for Business Owners

How to Go Greener and Make $$$

Want to hear the story of how a company is set to generate $1.25M in ROI over five years through efficiencies gained by going greener? Then, come to the next USTMAX Center Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, Oct. 25, from noon – 1 p.m., 336 N. Main Street, in downtown Conroe. 


Bryan Hill, Green Business Bureau Chief of Sustainability DevelopmentBryan Hill and Jim Tassone will share valuable sustainable Business Practice Insights from Green Business Bureau (GBB).  Hill is the GBB Chief of Sustainability Development and VP of Business Development for Bay Techwerx. Tassone is a business development executive who serves as Chief Sustainability Engineer for GBB and CFO of Bay Techwerx.

At the Lunch and Learn, they will further educate the business community by:

  • Defining green business and discussing the basics of ESG (positively impacting the environment), carbon footprint, and why business leaders should better understand these areas.
  • Discussing how to become a green business. What should your first and next steps be? The GBB offers the resources and a platform to simplify development of a sustainable and more efficient business program.
  • Identifying the benefits of becoming a certified green business and how it distinguishes you. Realize how your business could be more profitable, increase operational efficiency, have more tax credits, gain access to newer, earth-friendly technologies, and elevate your brand. Hear about benefits included in the new Inflation Reduction Act.  

Green Is Compatible with Profitability

Hill said, “One of the points we will communicate is that going greener and making money are compatible goals. Business leaders have to make money, but they can do it in a more efficient manner and sustainably.”

According to Hill, the attractive, user-friendly GBB platform originated at MIT in 2008, mainly to assist smaller organizations in sustainably going green.

The Lunch and Learn will be of great interest to any business owner, entrepreneur or someone with a business idea who wants to make a positive difference in the community.

USTMAX Center Senior Director Dr. Carla E. Alsandor said, “Who better to educate us on reducing our carbon footprint and going greener than the Green Business Bureau?  I invite area business leaders to join us for this Lunch & Learn – they’re sure to gain valuable tips and insights into business sustainability, from a green perspective.”

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