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UST’S Career Services Center Adds C.H.A.R.I.S.M.A. With New Assistant Director of Employer Engagement

Nothing puts a smile on James D. Martin II’s face like seeing others succeed. Given that insight, you could say he gets to live his dream in his new role. Martin is the new University of St. Thomas-Houston assistant director of Employer Engagement in the Career Services Center. Essentially, he will be helping to increase job opportunities for Celts by developing and maintaining relationships with employers. But you can bet the professional development consultant and personal image and etiquette coach will also be teaching some “charisma” to students along the way.

A History of Mentoring Young People

“My skill set grew out of always wanting to see others succeed and my long history in mentorship, which started with mentoring young men,” Martin said. “I discovered a gap in how young men presented themselves either physically or verbally. So I found tips to help them in developing a more polished presence. I call these tips the C.H.A.R.I.S.M.A. principles. And these principles help individuals with not only standing out in the crowd but being the reason the crowd has gathered in the first place.”

Personal Branding & C.H.A.R.I.S.M.A. for Students

C.H.A.R.I.S.M.A. stands for Cultivating Relationships, Humility, Attitude, Respect, Initiative, Self-development, Manners and Appearance.

Martin went on to say, “I’m a huge branding guy. Personal branding is a major focus for me when it comes to our students. Suppose our students brand themselves by possessing these attributes; In that case, employers can’t help but recognize them as standouts who can bring a high level of integrity and value to their organizations. Maybe we’ll see a new movement—#CeltCharisma!”

Martin embodies what he promotes. He is a living example of his personal brand—a likable, respectful relationship-builder with a can-do approach, impeccable manners and plenty of relevant experience. For good measure, he adds a voice made for radio and just the right bowtie.

Getting Employers Face-to-Face With Students

“I’m contacting new employers to get them face-to-face with UST students in person and virtually at career fairs, mixers and professional development workshops,” Martin explained. “And I’m making sure they know the distinct benefits of hiring UST students and graduates—individuals who have been formed in the UST ethos of goodness, knowledge, discipline and community.”

Rounding Out the Career Services Department

Martin’s coming on board re-establishes the position of assistant director of Employer Engagement on Director Paula Marsh’s team in Career Services. Martin says Marsh has created a dynamic team and culture and calls St. Thomas “an incredible institution of higher learning.”