12:13 PM

UST’s Dr. Javoris Hollingsworth Recognized as One of 40 Under 40

Dr. Javoris HollingsworthThe latest recognition awarded to University of St. Thomas-Houston Associate Professor Dr. Javoris Hollingsworth sees him named to Georgia State Magazine’s list of 40 under 40. Since he earned his B.S. in Chemistry at GSU, the honor is especially meaningful.

“Once I received the news that I was selected for this distinguished award, I was beyond ecstatic,” Hollingsworth said.

His experience as a high school research intern in the Project SEED program at Georgia College & State University drew him to chemistry and the many possibilities in that field. When that knowledge combined with his natural curiosity, he was inspired to pursue chemistry as a career.

Since that decision, Hollingsworth has never hesitated to give back actively and has received multiple awards for his excellence. Most recently, UST honored Hollingsworth with The Joseph M. McFadden Excellence in Service Award.

His ongoing commitments include:

·      Continuing to teach and mentor undergraduates

·      Establishing new joint efforts with faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology and recently submitting a proposal to the National Science Foundation to promote education and diversity in the field of acoustics

·      Serving currently as the Project Director for the Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program grant, which UST received from the U.S. Department of Education

Hollingsworth especially enjoys teaching at St. Thomas with its overall culture, diversity and small class sizes. In the faces of his students, he often sees himself.

“I see myself when I look at most of my students,” he said. “Like a number of them, I was the first in my family to go to college, so I understand the different challenges and pressures that many of them face. As a result, it’s easier for me to empathize and provide the necessary mentorship and guidance to keep them motivated toward their academic goals.”

Constantly aiming for growth and progress, Hollingsworth adds that the fields of chemistry and teaching still drive him.

“The idea of being able to develop new materials or drugs that could potentially save someone’s life has always been remarkable to me. But, more importantly, the joy of playing an active role in the education and development of students has been a major driving force.”