13:36 PM

UST’s New Athletics Billboards Are Hot!

Evoking fiery competition and formidable athletic passion and prowess, University of St. Thomas unveils the newest billboards for its UST Athletics Department. The powerful images and message to “Be Your BOLD Self” will command attention near the Fannin exit on 59 South from Dec. 21, 2020 until the end of April 2021.

Two St. Thomas student athletes turn up the heat on UST’s “Be Your BOLD Self” message. Seen “going for it” on the soccer team is midfielder Rachel Bejarano, a studio arts major minoring in biology. Steady under pressure and taking the basketball shot is guard Christian Alaekwe, who completed his undergraduate degree in psychology in 2020 and is currently in graduate school at UST.

Designer Giselle Dodge who serves as creative services manager for UST’s Office of Marketing & University Relations said the suggestion of fire and smoke is right on. “Even our new athletic logo looks like a flame,” Dodge said. “The element of fire/smoke symbolizes many things, including passion, motivation, desire and resurrection. With the billboards, we wanted to showcase our student athletes being their bold selves, specifically highlighting their perseverance and passion for the sports they play.”

 UST Director of Athletics, Todd Smith, said, “The billboards validate the UST athletics contribution to the university community and our role on campus. Moreover, they are a great way to say “thanks” to our 250 student athletes and recognize their hard work.”

For St. Thomas, 2020-2021 will be the final year of the University’s transition into the NCAA and Division III. In 2021-2022, UST will be a full member of the NCAA Division III and Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference, making our Celt athletes eligible for postseason competition.

Smith wants to spread the word far and wide. “I hope the entire city of Houston sees the billboards, especially prospective student athletes who want to continue competing in the sport they love, pursue a terrific Catholic liberal arts education, and do both right here in the heart of Houston.”

Over the last two years, UST Athletics has more than doubled in size and sponsors 15 sports: from volleyball to baseball/softball to women’s and men’s basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, cross country and track and field.

Keep an eye out for those awesome billboards. For more information about UST Athletics, go here.