18:37 PM

UST’s Taiwan & East Asia Studies Program to Benefit from New Grant

There is exciting news from the University of St. Thomas-Houston’s Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences & Global Studies. Drs. Yao-Yuan Yeh, Chair of International Studies & Modern Languages and Assistant Director of Taiwan & East Asia Studies Program (TEASP), and Hans Stockton, Dean of Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences & Global Studies and Director of the Taiwan & East Asia Studies Program, secured an $80,000 Taiwan and Asia Program grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Taiwan.

Grant Will Fund 2022 Conference

The grant, awarded to TEASP, will facilitate an academic conference in 2022 titled “Trilateral Relationship between Taiwan, the United States and China: The Past, Present, and Future.” The Trump and Biden administrations have demonstrated a strong consistency in U.S. foreign policy, countering China and befriending Taiwan. The conference will focus on reviewing the previous remarks, discussing the current trend, and projecting the future of U.S.-Taiwan-China trilateral relations. The grant will also support lecture events at different universities in the United States. With support from the Taiwan and Asia Program grant from MOFA, Drs. Yeh and Stockton will continue to work diligently to promote academic research and other related events through the TEASP.

TEASP Is Premiere Education Program About Taiwan

The TEASP has become the premier academic program for education about—and cultural exchange with—Taiwan in Houston, the 4th largest city in the United States. The program is sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan under the Taiwan Studies Grant and community support. TEASP has produced numerous academic conferences and lecture events in the past five years. Currently, the program supports the minor in East Asia Studies under the supervision of the Department of International Studies & Modern Languages, which provides Mandarin and Japanese language courses and other social sciences and humanities curricula for our students.