16:27 PM

UST’s WISEcast Makes Its Debut

University of St. Thomas-Houston underscores its support for women in STEM with its newest podcast series, WISEcast. The show’s name stands for “women in science and education.”

Co-hosted by Dr. Richa Chandra and Dr. Amber Miller, WISEcast is premiering now. With their first three shows “in the can,” the professors promise a behind-the-scenes look at the agony and the ecstasy of their fields. They are eager to reach their audience.

Miller, UST STEM Success Center Director, said, “We are two female STEM professors giving you a peek behind the curtain that is our daily lives. We’d like to say we run off of passion and enthusiasm, but most days, we are running on coffee and chaos. We are excited to share our thoughts and experiences as we dive into topics involving equity, the Lean-In movement, challenges and victories, and the future landscape for women in science and education.

Chandra, Associate Professor in Chemistry, added, “Our episodes will feature interviews with women who are at different stages in their careers. The COVID world reignited our motivation to empower and excite women in STEM and young women thinking about their future careers. Sometimes we need encouragement, sometimes we need to vent, but mostly we need to know that we are not alone.” 

According to Best Colleges data, only 28% of the STEM workforce is women. If Chandra and Miller have anything to say about it, that number will rise.

Listen and learn about STEM women—what drives them, the challenges, opportunities and issues. Discover WISEcast.