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What is a Bursar Anyway?

Richard  Shuman, MLA '10The bursar leads the university’s student financials office. The title bursar means one who is the custodian of the institution’s funds. This person holds the university’s purse strings. As a matter of fact, the word comes from the medieval Latin bursarius or “purse-bearer.”

Who is UST’s Bursar

UST’s bursar works on the 2nd floor in the Herzstein Enrollment Services Center at 4115 Yoakum. When students pay tuition for the semester, they send the money to the bursar.

Richard Shuman, MLA ’10 is UST’s bursar. He is a 20-year employee, who earned a degree in political science with a minor in economics from Sam Houston State University. He earned his MLA in Political Science from UST in 2010.

UST Bursar Role is to Advocate

Even though Shuman is responsible for billing of student tuition accounts and helping to make payment plans, know that the bursar at UST is in the students’ corner as an advocate. He is the one to reach out to for help with questions.

Shuman said, “Some students don’t want to talk with the bursar because they think they will be asked for their tuition payment, so when they have a question, they tend to leave a message for Financial Aid, which awards money and is located on the 1st floor in the Herzstein Enrollment Services Center. But helping is what I especially enjoy, and I get the most satisfaction when I help students.”

Set Up a Payment Plan, Meet the Staff

The Bursar's Office can help students pay their tuition, either in full or with an interest free, monthly payment plan. On the website, learn about payment deadlines, and how to pay online and how to manage refunds. Also, meet the rest of the Business Office staff whose goal is providing good customer service for a positive student experience.

“If someone reaches out to the Business Office, by email or phone, and we don’t get back to you in 12 hours, do it again, harass us,” Shuman said. “We pride ourselves on being responsive.”

Reach Out to the Bursar’s Office Early

Shuman urges students to reach out to the Business or Bursar’s Office as soon as possible in their college career. His goal is for students to see that the staff are here to help and truly approachable. “If you have a question on anything reach out to us. We can help or connect to another office on your behalf.”