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Allbritton Art Institute moves to UST-Houston Campus

Inaugural lecture delivered by Menil Collection Director Dr. Rebecca Rabinow

Allbritton Art Institute's Barbara Allbritton with Rebecca Rabinow, director of the Menil CollectionUniversity of St. Thomas – Houston celebrated its new partnership with the Allbritton Art Institute with an inaugural lecture on Wednesday, Feb. 21, in Cullen Hall. The featured speaker was Dr. Rebecca Rabinow, director of the Menil Collection. Dr. Rabinow’s presentation to a standing-room-only audience was titled “Impressionism and the Art Library: An Appreciation.” Her discussion illustrated how more than a century of scholarship has shaped our understanding of and appreciation for impressionism. 

The Allbritton Art Institute recently partnered with UST and moved to the campus in Houston’s renowned Museum District.

L to R: Shelley Grahmann, Michele Malloy, Pamela Castleman, and Meredith McCrary“This fantastic partnership allows UST to revive its B.A. in Art History,” said Associate Division Dean for Fine & Performing Arts and Allbritton Art Institute Interim Director Dr. Dominic Aquila. “It also further vitalizes our other collaborations, especially those with the Glassell School, the Museum of Fine Arts-Houston, and the Menil Collection. In addition, our proximity to the Museum District extends the reach and influence of the Allbritton Art Institute.”

Established in 1997 by the late businessman and philanthropist Joe L. Allbritton, and his wife Barbara, the Institute promotes the appreciation and comprehensive study of art history with an emphasis on impressionism and post-impressionism. Integral to its mission, the Institute provides opportunities for students to study original works of art. 

The Allbritton Art Institute offers art history classes, opportunities and funding for students to study abroad, scholarships, world-class art lectures, new art history faculty positions and a library of 4,000 art books.

L to R: Christie Billings, Dawn Koenning, and Dr. Dominic AquilaIn attendance at the opening event was patron Mrs. Barbara Allbritton.

Mrs. Allbritton stressed that the study of art adds an essential dimension to the liberal arts, enlarging the capacity for the appreciation of beauty and thereby enriching students’ studies and their lives.

“Not everyone can be a renowned artist or scholar, but art education can provide more opportunities for personal and mutual enjoyment,” she said. “When you go to a museum, you might notice a certain brushstroke, a brilliant color, or a small expression that communicates a momentous event in history. Having an informed lens through which to see and interact with art opens one’s mind to see the world in diverse ways.”

Charles Hall and Anne HarringtonThe lecture was preceded by a VIP reception in Link Lee Mansion catered by Tony’s Restaurant. Those in attendance included The Honorable Carolyn King, Charles Hall and Anne Harrington, Craig and Angela Jarchow, Christie Billings, The Honorable Michael Massengale, Michele Malloy, Ryan and Pamela Castleman, and William Caudill.

Following the lecture, a reception was held in the lobby of Cullen Hall for all lecture attendees, including University of St. Thomas students.