09:54 AM

ENGIE, PROS Inc. and Amazon Web Services Inc.! Offer Summer Internships to IT Student Workers

Dr. Brandon Green, UST IT Director of Technical Services, and Justin Puder, IT Manager, announce that two University of St. Thomas-Houston students, Carol Martinez and Silvia Garcia-Villalta, both  IT student workers studying cybersecurity,  have accepted prestigious internship offers. Martinez with ENGIE in the Galleria area, and Villalta with PROS Inc. and Amazon Web Services, Inc.! 

"Through hard work and dedication, Carol and Silvia have proven that with determination, anything is possible,” Green said. “Their internships are a testament to their skills and potential, and we are excited to see where their future in the tech industry takes them."

Martinez will serve as an IT Security intern.

For Villata, the 10-week, paid summer internship with PROS Inc. is in Houston and runs from May 15 to August 4. The training is designed to provide challenging, hands-on work experience. This opportunity can lead to full-time employment with PROS Holdings, Inc. after graduation for interns who demonstrate strong performance and potential.

Carol MartinezThe Amazon Web Services Inc.! internship for the Cloud Support Associate Intern is a 12-week, remote, paid summer internship. It runs from May 30- August 5 and provides candidates with a chance to learn and develop their skills under the guidance of local and global mentors. This opportunity offers excellent long-term development prospects from the world's leading cloud company, with the potential of getting an offer of full-time employment. 

Villalta is earning an applied associate's degree in cybersecurity from The Kolbe School of Innovation and Professional Studies. "This is an exciting opportunity for me to gain valuable experience in my field, and I am looking forward to this new challenge," Villalta said.

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the support and guidance Dr. Green has provided me during my time at UST, as well as the opportunity to grow in my role." she wrote.

Villalta will rejoin IT as a student worker in the fall.

Martinez is a Global Cybersecurity major who works as an IT User Services Technician. She also expressed her gratitude for the internship opportunity through Information Technology.

"I appreciate UST and the IT Department providing me this chance to broaden my knowledge of IT and acquire new skill sets that have opened doors for me," she said.