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Get Info on How to Enter the Medical Field

USTMAX and HarperRand Contribute to Workforce Development in Montgomery County

Anyone interested in going into the medical field, this news is for you. Especially if you live in Montgomery County and the surrounding area. The USTMAX Center will host an information session at its downtown Conroe storefront at 6:00 p.m., March 24, 2022. The session will provide information about the variety of medical field programs offered by partner HarperRand: Phlebotomy Technician, Clinical Medical Assistant and Billing & Coding Specialist.

HarperRand specializes in administering affordable, allied healthcare career training programs in Texas and California. Regional Director for Texas Programs, Diego Torres, will be the featured speaker at the information session. He has been in the medical field for 10 years and has taught the company’s phlebotomy program for 5 of those years.

“The medical field is a fantastic one to get into,” Torres said. “Presently, at the online job-finding site, Indeed, there are over 200 open positions for medical assistant alone. And those jobs open the door to so many other job opportunities in the field.”

Is the upcoming information session for you?

Torres answered that question with: “If you’re interested, the session is for you. Also, know that our programs are a great introduction to the medical field, and no experience is required because we teach you what you need to know.”

At the relaxed informal gathering, attendees will learn which programs are offered, how long the programs last, how much they cost and about affordable, obtainable payment plans for everyone.

Do You Have the Time for a HarperRand Program?

 Chances are, you have time for one of these programs. HarperRand prides itself on providing training that is designed for busy, working adults searching for a new career or for those seeking to expand their existing medical skill set.

“Medical field certification programs by HarperRand are the kind of workforce development offerings that the Conroe, Texas, area is coming to expect from our University of St. Thomas micro-campus,” said USTMAX Center Senior Director Dr. Carla E. Alsandor. “These training programs equip students with skills they can use to pursue their dream jobs.”

The March 24 presentation will last an estimated 30 minutes, but attendees may remain to ask questions. They also will have the opportunity to register for an upcoming medical training class.

Don’t miss the chance to ask all of your questions at this in-person information session. Reserve your seat today.