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Giving Back as Alumni | BOLD Podcast

This is the special installment of BOLD - A University of St. Thomas Podcast, a series that creates a dialogue and aims to inspire, encourage and aid students—current and prospective— to “Be Your Bold Self.” New episodes are published bi-weekly. If you have an idea for a potential podcast guest or topic, send them to MAX Studios at maxstudios@stthom.edu.


In this special episode of BOLD, Darnell Miller, producer of MAX Studios, sits down with Molly Reyes and Christine Green, members of the UST Alumni Association Board and Co-Chairs of the upcoming, 10th Annual Two Saints and a Taco Tasting event. Reyes and Green talk about their college experience at UST and share why they decided to give back to the University by joining the alumni board.

They also talk about their upcoming event, Two Saints and a Taco Tasting, and how that event allows them to raise money for scholarships so that more students can experience all that UST has to offer. Finally, they share why other alumni should re engage with UST through other events or service opportunities.


00:45 - An Introduction to Molly and Christine

04:56 - How has the University grown and changed?

10:18 - How has St. Thomas education impacted your life post-graduation?

20:00 - Why did you join the Alumni Association Board?

23:36 - How do Alumni events impact the student experience at UST?

31:50 - What is the Two Saints and a Taco Tasting events?

32:43 - Why should Alumni give back?

The former president of the Alumni Association Board, Aaron Stryck, used to encourage board members to “think about their whys.” Why are you on the board and why do you want to give back. Reyes and Green shared their whys:

“I am really looking to uplift the students,” Reyes said.”There are so many wonderful students at UST and they have so much potential. But they are so young. We, on the other hand have lived a bit of life, we can share some guidance and encouragement and it goes a long way.”

“I think we have a responsibility to take care of the University of St Thomas,” Green said. “It has taken care of us. It is easy to think ‘I am just one person, I can’t make a difference,’ but you never know what skill you bring to the table or idea that you come up with that can make a difference.”


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