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Highly Sought Skills Supplied with Two-Year Degree in Electronic Technology

When an organization computer or medical device is on the fritz, and it’s a hardware issue, work can come to a standstill, and you are up the proverbial creek. Who are you going to call? Skilled electronics professionals, that’s who. The Kolbe School of Innovation & Professional Studies at the University of St. Thomas-Houston has developed a flexible online two-year degree in Electronic Technology to help fill the demand for these highly sought individuals.

 Who Maintains the Hardware?

Hector Garza, Chair for UST’s Kolbe School Technical Programs“We hear a lot about networking specialists, but what makes those all-important networks function is the hardware,” Hector Garza, Chair for UST’s Kolbe School Technical Programs, said. “And the experts who understand hardware serve in a variety of positions.”

Specialists in electronic technology may be biomedical equipment technicians, electrical and instrument technicians, electrical engineering technicians, service technicians and telecommunications technicians.

They respond to component issues like PC circuit boards and other devices and power supplies.

UST’s Associate in Applied Science degree for Electronic Technology ensures our graduates are aware of the fundamentals of digital signals, so they can ID and fix misbehaving circuits.

Garza explained, “First, they determine whether the problem is with the hardware or software. If it’s hardware, these are the specialists who analyze the electric waves going through a circuit to make sure it’s the correct amount. If it’s not, then what’s holding it back? What’s the resister issue?”

 Remote Hands-On Training

Their hands-on training happens very conveniently as students can connect remotely to UST’s state-of-the-art simulation labs.

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