15:41 PM

Humanitarian Roz Hill Receives University of St. Thomas’ Faithful Citizenship Award for her “Love in Action”

Roz Hill"Love in Action….Humanity in a World of Brokenness" was the theme for the 12th annual Faithful Citizenship Dinner sponsored by University of St. Thomas-Houston’s Nesti Center for Faith & Culture held at the River Oaks Country Club on Friday, Oct. 7. More than 300 attended to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Humanitarian Roz Hill who received the Faithful Citizenship Award from University of St. Thomas-Houston’s Nesti Center for Faith & Culture for her love in action displayed through philanthropic endeavors, successfully contributing to the welfare of others. Music was provided by musicians Bubba McNeely and Greg Giaccona. In attendance was Ms. Hill’s Loyola University Chicago college roommate Eileen Berry.

Co-chairs were Carol and Paul Beck, and honorary chair was Charlene Brandau. The event benefits the Nesti Center for Faith & Culture.

Daniel Cardinal DiNardo delivered the invocation while Bishop Italo dell'oro closed the evening with a prayer. Fr. Donald Nesti, CSSp, and Charlene Brandau spoke of Hill’s accomplishments.

"'Love In action… Humanity in a World of Brokenness.' What does this mean, and how do you know when you see it? Our honoree seems to be a stellar example of this phrase in all she has done over the years, through her works, her generosity and her contributions."   Carol and Paul Beck

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Seen in the crowd were Raye White, Lois Davis, Dr. Richard and Melynda Ludwick, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, Father Donald S. Nesti, CSSp, Patti Murphy, Linda Lorelle and Lou Greggory, Hector Villarreal, Regina Rogers, Rose & Johnny Carrabba, Roxann & Tim Neumann, and Dr. Herbert Edmundson.