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IT’s Re-Imagine Campaign is Ramping Up its Game New One-Stop SharePoint Site is Exceeds Expectations

Information Technology recently rolled out a new "customer facing" SharePoint Site where faculty, staff and students will find a one-stop shop for everything IT-related. On this site, you can get help with technical issues, submit a new ticket, find self-guided training, request data, and connect with your IT support team.

Take this new Information Technology Resource User Support page for a test ride, and you will not be disappointed. The link to the SharePoint site is very user-friendly. Find the link here: https://stthom.sharepoint.com/sites/InformationTechnologyUserSupport.

I implemented an IT Customer Self-Service portal when I was a CIO at my previous organization,” Dr. Reginald Brumfield, Chief Information Officer in IT, said, “which was very effective. After the success of the IT Genius Bar, it was essential to continue our focus on customer service and user engagement. I tasked my team to create an IT Customer SharePoint site, and they made it happen under the direction of our new IT Manager, Brandon Green.

“While we realize that many of our users like in-person interaction, we also recognize that many prefer to gather information independently and solve their problems using self-service options," Brumfield said.  "The secret is to know which issues require a live interface and which do not. The IT Customer SharePoint site provides real-time insight into projects we are working on, our training, Policies & Procedures, and access to everything IT. I consider it the ‘IT toolbox’ for students, faculty and staff. Since the rollout, we have had 432 page views, so we are ecstatic to be able to share what we are doing with the University community."

Green was happy with the SharePoint site. “The IT Department is all about providing excellent user service and support. When designing the self-service SharePoint site, my vision was fast, efficient, and accessible self-support to allow more excellent productivity opportunities for the end users. The User self-service site will help our IT department to become more efficient by acting as a one-stop IT service shop for the celt community. Whether you need to log a technical issue, watch a previous Microsoft training recording, or find an answer to your query, they immediately know where to find help quickly.”

Here is what you can find on the site:

  • IT Strategic Plan
  • IT Operational Framework
  • Ongoing Projects
  • Training Information and Recordings
  • Quick Reference Guide (QRGs)
  • IT Policies and Procedures
  • News & Updates
  • How to submit tickets
  • How to schedule an IT consultation and more
  • It also has a Twitter feed, UST IT Alerts @AlertsUsT
  • This site allows you to chat live with a service technician.
  • Check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" to help problem-solve issues quickly.
  • You can reset your password on the site or connect to the VPN (FortiToken)
  • The Meet, your IT team, gives you names and specialty areas like Technical Support, Applications, Networking, Servers, and Learning Technology. Click on the team member's name and more information pops up for you to reach them.
  • Take advantage of the Comment feature too.