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Jumpstart a Career in IT with Associate of Applied Science in Networking Technology

University of St. Thomas-Houston is helping students to jumpstart their careers in the information tech field with its Associate of Applied Science in Networking Technology program. The 100% online plan (except for cutting-edge simulation lab work) makes this two-year degree program irresistibly attractive for its flexibility and convenience.

Preparation for Exciting, In-demand Jobs

The AAS in Networking Technology prepares students for exciting and good-paying jobs as junior network administrators, computer/tech support specialists, cloud administrators, cloud support associates, network technicians or network designers.

“This program shares some aspects with our AAS in Cybersecurity degree, because it encompasses a bit of security knowledge with all of the networking information,” said Hector Garza, Chair for UST’s Kolbe School of Technology. “Primarily, networking technology students learn to implement computer networks—running cables, ensuring all devices are connected by wire or wirelessly. Furthermore, they gain expertise in switches, servers and email.”

Since different organizations have different network needs, students need to learn about advanced networks with the complexity of a telecommunications group that deals with routers talking to networks worldwide. Students like these would also put access controls in place to filter undesirable traffic.

“Our students know how to install and organize an enterprise network,” Garza said. “We also teach them about implementing virtual environments. In addition, they are the ones to troubleshoot the systems.”

How About Some Financial Aid?

Financial aid from multiple sources is available for eligible students. For instance, students who sign up for the fall 2022 schedule in AAS in Networking Technology, and maintain a 3.0 GPA during their first semester, may receive their second semester at no cost except for books. And even the first semester may be free to Texans who complete a FAFSA (Federal Application for Federal Student Aid) form and are eligible for a Pell grant.

Learn more about UST’s flexible, convenient AAS in Networking Technology degree. To apply, go here.