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MBA ’10 in International Business Aims High in Healthcare & Makes His Mark

“My dad always told me to work hard and develop good relationships with people,” Jose Solis-Padilla, MBA ’10, recalled. “My mom said, ‘In life, you always have to look forward and aim high.’”

Though both parents have passed on, their sage advice still illuminates the way for Solis-Padilla every day. “Aiming high” in healthcare, the husband and father of two boys serves as Senior Director of Global Business for the prestigious Mayo Clinic, a global leader in clinical care, research and healthcare education.

Solis-Padilla said, “With Mayo Clinic, I get to share elements of our unique culture and patient-centric focus with the world. I help organizations throughout the Americas to implement our model of care, and I know that improves healthcare outcomes for patients.”

Overcoming Circumstances Through Role Models

Life could have turned out differently for Solis-Padilla. He grew up in an underserved Mexico City neighborhood where his father was a humble fruit and vegetable merchant. His mother tended the home fires. But he had a fire for learning, a gift for creating strong relationships and a heart filled with faith.

“I hear the voices of my parents every day,” he said. “I was fortunate to have other role models too—the friends I grew up with. Like me, they all went to college. My sports coaches were role models too. They taught me discipline and to dream big.”

His big dream to improve healthcare was further fueled after cancer took his mother. As if she were watching and cheering her son on, Solis-Padilla continued his professional ascent.

A Remarkable Career Trajectory

In 2000, Solis-Padilla was 27 and new to the United States. He spoke no English, so the first-generation college graduate with a degree in Finance found his initial jobs in landscaping.

Looking forward and aiming high, he became bilingual.

“I took ESL classes and volunteered at Houston Methodist to practice English. After only three days there, they offered me a full-time job working in Finance within the Spanish-speaking group taking care of patients from Latin America.”

A few months later, Solis-Padilla became team leader, then chief of the Mexico City and Guatemala offices. His talent for relationship-building further distinguished him there.

“I created a relationship in Mexico City with a premier hospital which enabled my boss to land the first international affiliation contract. That’s when international business development became my career, and I love it.”

While others noticed his successes, Solis-Padilla saw God’s hand at work.

“On December 12, 2012, the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, I was interviewed for Johns Hopkins and then became their Director for Global Services.”

From there, he advanced to Mayo Clinic.

Continuous Education

While working for Houston Methodist, the busy young Catholic chose to continue his education, earning his MBA in International Business at University of St. Thomas - Houston.

“I loved the open campus and the tranquility. At that time, I was traveling every week. When I would land at Bush Airport, I knew the best of my weekend would be my family and that morning at school, which felt like a retreat every Saturday as we talked about our readings and case studies. I still find myself reflecting on Dr. Beena George’s class on sourcing management and the international economics and marketing classes.”

Solis-Padilla’s Clear and Guiding Focus

Every project that Solis-Padilla takes on involves sharing the renowned Mayo Clinic model of care in the Americas.

“For me, it’s always about improving healthcare and serving people when they need it the most, like my mom a few years ago. It’s important to be successful but is more important to make a positive difference.”

Solis-Padilla is still looking ahead, still aiming high.