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Naturally curious about Artificial Intelligence?

USTMAX Center has a lunch and learn for that

Whether you love it, fear it, or perhaps view it with suspicion, the current buzz is all about artificial intelligence (AI). USTMAX Center will shine a valuable light on AI in its upcoming Lunch and Learn on Thursday, August 10, from noon to 1 p.m., at the USTMAX Center in downtown Conroe. Join us for a presentation on this fascinating topic called “Almost Human? Understanding Generative AI, Internet of Things (IOT), and Autonomous Systems.”

Our presenter will be University of St. Thomas-Houston Director of Digital Media Initiatives Dr. Cesare Wright. He is also creator of the Microsoft EPIC, FAST and VIP programs in emergent technology at UST.

Dr. Wright said, “The Lunch and Learn session will provide a foundational understanding of key themes in AI. These would include data science, machine learning, internet of things and generative AI. In addition, we will look at the socio-cultural implications of AI and explore how these technologies will increasingly impact your daily life.”

UST Director of Digital Media Initiatives Dr. Cesare WrightGain Knowledge for Considering Risks and Opportunities

You need little or no prior knowledge about AI to enjoy and learn from this event. You will leave with new familiarity about how AI systems function. Plus, you will begin to critically consider the risks, dangers and opportunities that accompany this cutting-edge technology.

“We look forward to welcoming Dr. Wright for the second installment of a two-part series,” USTMAX Center Senior Director Dr. Carla E. Alsandor said.  “His first presentation on the metaverse inspired us to better understand the advances in technology that impact us at work and home. We are grateful that he is coming back to demystify AI.”

USTMAX Center is pleased to host quarterly lunch presentations designed to educate local business leaders, alumni and friends on business-related topics. Registration has been very strong for the upcoming AI event. Interested individuals may join the waiting list for the session by registering here. Box lunches and beverages provided.