14:06 PM

New Alumni Association Directors Proclaim Goals

The University of St. Thomas warmly welcomes seven new directors to its Alumni Association Board. All have genuine affection for their alma mater and are fired up about fulfilling their new responsibilities.

Senior Director of Alumni Relations, Carla E. Alsandor, Ph.D., said, “Like the rest of our vibrant, hard-working board members, these new directors are aligned with the UST mission and ready to add their energy and insights. UST is fortunate to have such dedicated leaders stepping up to keep our cherished alumni connected and engaged.”

Below, the newest directors describe their goals for the association.

Elizabeth Vrettos, Master in Acct. ’10
Shell Oil Co., Investigations Manager-Business Integrity

My goal is to strengthen the connection between the Houston community, alumni community, and academic community by delivering quality, innovative events that positively impact all of our alums and enhance our overall global image. Given the world events that occurred in 2020, now is the time to innovate and grow stronger as a community.”

Ashley Scott ’04/MCTM ’20
MD Anderson, Experimental Radiation Oncology Program Manager

My hope is to give back in ways that support the presence and reach of the university that played such a large role in shaping the way I view the world and those in it. I am so grateful for the enriching curriculum and community at St. Thomas. I have a strong desire to pay it forward by creating this opportunity for others through scholarships and strong alumni connections.” 

Ross E. Williams III MBA ’18
FPG Fast Printing & Graphics (Owner)

“As a new Alumni Association Director, my goal is to provide my expertise to an alum or student who is contemplating becoming an entrepreneur. The process of starting your own business can be overwhelming, unfamiliar and stressful. Still, the likelihood of succeeding is vastly improved when you have someone cheering you on.”

April Petronella ’01
Petrofox Education (Owner)

"I want to work to perpetuate a welcoming environment for all alumni and students—a diverse group with many different values, beliefs, and ideas. I hope to be someone who actively listens to the entire spectrum of viewpoints within the UST community and the broader Catholic Church."

Jake Metzger ’93
Hughes Peters, Branch Manager

As a member of the UST Alumni Association board, my goal is to help further UST’s mission and vision.”

Ayan Martin, MBA in International Business ’16
HP, Inc., Strategic Procurement Professional

I want the Alumni Association to be the first place that alums think of when they need support, want to engage, and want to give. I hope to provide great ideas and support as a director and also grow closer to my alma mater.” 

Clare Kafoglis ’16
Bullpen Marketing, Brand Specialist

My goal as a UST Alumni Association Director is to engage the graduates of the University in a meaningful way that recreates the sense of community they knew and loved when they were students. Being a part of the Alumni Association isn’t just about supporting UST— it’s also about remaining part of the Celt family, to build community, and have a network of people to rely on.”

To learn more about the Alumni Association or apply to become a future member of the board of directors, contact alumni@stthom.edu. Apply now.